If you have useful information that you would like to share with your neighbors on this page please send the question and answer to the Board using the 'Contact Us' page on this website.

What can we do to ensure pet owners pick up droppings from their pets?

If you see a homeowner failing pick up after their dog make a note of the homeowner's address. Contact the management company, listed on our homepage, with the name or address of the homeowner and a violation letter will be sent and tracked for repeat offenders.

How can I determine what color I can paint my house? The Original Paint Schemes from MAB can be found on the Community Documents page. If you have questions about the color or wish to change the color of your home, you can submit an ARB with the new colors. ARB's are required anytime you wish to change the color of your home.

What do I need to do to make a change to the outside of my house?

Any changes to the exterior of your home require that you submit an Architectural Review Board Form (ARB). This form can be found on the Community Documents page on this website. An ARB is required for the following improvements to your property: New Pool, Swing Sets, Play Grounds, Screen Enclosure, Accordion Shutters, Gutters, Landscape Changes, Fencing, New Paint Color, Fountains and other yard art. 
When making changes to your property please be considerate of your neighbors during the construction process.

How can I, as a homeowner in Thoroughbred Lakes, get involved in the community?

There are many ways to get involved in the activities of the community.

First and foremost, make every attempt to attend the monthly Board of Director Meetings. Watch for the signs to be posted at the gates. At these meetings the Board will discuss community business and often times allow discussion with home owners.

Secondly, if you want to be involved in the community, join a committee. The Board is always looking for interested neighbors to participate. If you are interested in joining a committee send us an email using the 'Contact Us' page on this website.

Last but not least stay up to date on community news by reading the community newsletter, Channel 8 and the web site.

How do I rent the Clubhouse?

Clubhouse rentals are coordinated by the management company.  Get the contact information from the home page.  The rental fee is $150 with a $250 deposit. All homeowners wishing to rent the clubhouse must be in good standing with the HOA. The Clubhouse may not be available for some Holidays such as New Years Eve due to the Clubhouse hours and rules.  Residents renting the clubhouse are required to fill out a rental form and agree to all rental requirements. 

What color paint should I use on my mailbox?

RUST-OLEUM - Color 242018-Satan Expresso. This spray paint is available at Home Depot.

What trees are recommended to be planted in Thoroughbred Lakes?

Our landscape committee recommends three types of trees. Pigeon Plum, Live Oak and Mahogany. These trees are recommended based on the aesthetics and resistance to high winds. Any other tree will be considered but must be submitted for approval using the ARC process. The ARC form can be found on under Community Documents. Missing trees should be replaced with a tree that is similar in shape and potential size. We are not allowed by the county to replace our front trees with palm trees for example. If you lost a 15 foot tree you are not required plant a new 15 tree. Conversly you should also not plant the smallest, cheapest available tree and feel that is a suitable replacement.

What should I do if I misplace or have gate remote stolen?

Contact the management company listed on our home page. This will initiate the process for removal of the remote from the security system. Each gate remote has a unique code that is associated with your address. An individual remote code can be removed from the system to disable its use without impacting any of the other remotes that you may have. It may be necessary to determine what remote is missing through a process of elimination based on what other remotes you still have.


If you also want to keep an individual from having access to our community you will need to have the guard remove the individual from their database.


Remotes are the responsibility of each resident and if it breaks, a new one will need to be purchased.  Before purchasing a new one, please attempt to change the battery for a quick fix to the problem and to avoid the additional fee.  Remotes are $50 each. 

Are we allowed to install 'Colonial or Plantation Shutters' on our homes? Colonial or Plantation Shutters are not allowed to be installed on homes in Thoroughbred Lakes. The Design Guidelines allow for Removable Panels or Accordion Shutters. These Design Guidelines can be found on this website under Community Documents.

How should I contact the Board with questions that I have about the community?

Questions or concerns that you would like to address with the Board of Directors can be raised at the monthly Board Meeting, sent as an email using the 'Contact Us' page on this website or directed to the Management Company for distribution to the Board.