Community Documents


LC1100 Treadmill Owner's Manual
LC900 Elliptical Owner's Manual
Clubhouse Rental Form
Call Box Instructions-Front Gate
Clicker Registration/Information Forum
Architectural Changes Request Form

This form is required to be submitted with any improvement to your property as defined in Section 7 of your Homeowners Documents.

Resident Information Form

Please submit this form to the guard at the Gatehouse. You may deliver the form in person or you may fax it to them at 432-0339. Do not send this form to the management company.

Paint Schemes

These paint scheme descriptions and photos are for your convenience.  If you have any trouble figuring out which scheme is the appropriate color for your home, email the board and someone will get back to you with the correct color scheme for your home.  These schemes can be used to obtain paint from Sherwin Williams who purchased MAB Paints. Homes that are not painted the same color as the original color must submit an ARB Form to have the alternate scheme approved. Color matched paint may also be purchased from other supplies such as Home Depot.

All Sherman Williams stores will be able to copy the color. If for any reason the employee does not know the correct color code all they have to do is call the PC Hot Line and they will be able to get the color code formula. All S.W. stores have the PC Hot Line number.

TBL Design Guidelines

These design guidelines have been adopted to assist in maintaining Thoroughbred Lakes a community of high standards and aesthetic beauty. Please review these guidelines as part of any improvement you wish to make to the exterior of you home.

TBL Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions

Declaration and Exhibits A though E. 

TBL Amendments

First and Second Amendments

Rules & Regulations

Section 8 of the Declaration. 

Pool & Clubhouse Rules